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Sims 4 nude cheats

Sims 4 is an amazing game its hide stuff from us to protect it from less than 18 age group either its woohoo or ordinary bladder. You can find a lot of mods here in our thesims-4cheats alot of mods and cheats available which are 18+.

That’s why the sims 4 nude cheats are designed for this purpose.

You don’t need to download the whole package of wickedwhims which has extra mods with it. you can download the sims 4 nude cheats and can see all the censor things which are present in the sims 4.


sims 4 naked cheats


This mod removes all the censor thing on sims 4 when they will appear on:

  • Use the toiler
  • Breastfeed to baby
  • Streak
  • Potty Train to baby
  • Shower
  • Diaper change

This mod work on all age groups even on the toddler. its depends on you if you want them naked you are able to see them naked by applying this mod on your sims. 


How to use the Sims 4 Naked Cheats Mod?

Download all the mod file and extract them in  your system. Copy all the content of the extracted folder in the Mod folder of the sims 4. Enable Script mode from the game option and enjoy.


Sims 4 Nude Cheats

If you don’t like modding your game then you can use sims 4 nude cheats. It’s a glitch that lets you censor your sim while they take a shower.

  • Send your sim to take a shower
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+C and type testingcheats enabled
  • Now enter move_objects on
  • Move your sim shower anywhere in the house
  • Your sim will continue their shower while they are nude
  • You can also go to the build mode and use the hand tool to remove the shower/bathtub


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